<30 Days Launch by Heart & Stroke Foundation

October 30, 2015

Interested in a healthier lifestyle? Download the new version of the <30 Days app by Heart and Stroke Foundation.

<30 Days helps you inventory your health and provides you small challenges to help you break unhealthy habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Healthcare Human Factors worked with Heart and Stroke to improve the previous version of <30 Days by incorporating step-counting integration, improved gamification, customized challenges, new challenges, and engaging graphics.

The <30 Days app is the first of its kind to be integrated with step counting technology available on the latest smartphones. Through an amazing design effort, the Healthcare Human Factors team created an engaging visual and modern update for the <30 Days app.

The success of the previous version of <30 Days was immense. With 100,000+ downloads, <30 Days is a great success. In this project, our goal was to create a new version that leveraged the knowledge gained from usage analytics from the previous version of the app. After analyzing the data from over 70,000 users, Healthcare Human Factors took the lead in interpreting and translating that knowledge into new app features that targeted the identified gaps. New features that have been created include trivia questions, challenge customization, fitness tracker integration, among others.

<30 Days was designed for people interested in improving their health through small incremental changes. App features and design were driven by the interest in targeting adults that struggle to make significant lifestyle changes.

The new version of the app is a great success and we are looking forward to having you download the <30 Days.

<30 Days is now available on both iOS and Android.