The most sophisticated laboratories of their kind allow our team to evaluate, iterate, and improve. Part of the University Health Network, and adjacent to the University of Toronto, the Centre provides unrivaled access to subjects, facilities, and professionals.

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    Simulation & Usability Labs

    The simulation labs provide theatre-style spaces that can be configured to meet your particular needs. They work independently, or can be combined to offer a total of 2000 square feet of space. These labs are particularly useful for analyzing complex interactions between related environments.

    Observation Rooms

    These rooms are equipped with touch screen control panels so that you can easily manage the technology; including pan-tilt- zoom cameras, audio recordings, and screen captures. Testing sessions are discretely directed and monitored from the observation rooms thanks to the one-way mirrors and integrated communication system.

    Teleconference Room

    Use this technologically sophisticated space to engage in activities ranging from secure consultations to open interactions with the general public. This room is ideal for meetings or small focus groups that need to be recorded for further study. The teleconference room can also function as another fully-equipped simulation & usability lab.

Floor plan

Our labs allow for high-fidelity simulations of clinical environments and scenarios, and are equipped with sophisticated recording equipment for archiving, analyzing and sharing data. The usability labs can simulate health-related settings, allowing rigorous testing and rapid improvement of medical devices before they are introduced into real environments.