Announcement of Teja Voruganti – Recipient of 2015 “Kevin J. Leonard Award”

September 21, 2015

Awarded annually by the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) Awards Committee, including representation from the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, Sandra Dalziel, wife of the late Kevin Leonard, presented the second “Kevin J. Leonard Award” to Teja Voruganti, IHPME MD/PhD candidate during IHPME’s annual Research Day on Wednesday, May 6, 2015. The Award recognizes students whose work engages and empowers patients through the use of technology to become partners in their own health.


Sandra Dalziel and Centre Lead Dr. Joseph Cafazzo join Teja Voruganti, 2015 recipient of the “Kevin J. Leonard Award” in the Centre’s Leonard Library.

Teja Voruganti is an inspiring “Kevin J. Leonard Award” recipient who understands well the valuable role patients and informal caregivers play as partners in the healthcare team.

For his PhD, Teja is evaluating “Loop”, an online secure communication portal for patients with complex chronic conditions designed to break down the silos in healthcare. “Loop” is accessed by both the patient and their own ‘team’ members as well as by the patient’s team of healthcare providers. Enabling patient/informal caregiver access to this portal recognizes ‘patients as partners in their healthcare’, a role Kevin fought fiercely to promote as a patient advocate. Most significantly, patients gain timely access to healthcare providers they know and who know them, a feat not easily achieved in today’s system.

“Loop’s” evaluation will determine its usefulness and its impact on continuity and quality of care. Kevin would have been very encouraging of this research as Kevin was well-known in the health informatics community for his efforts as well as his drive to undertake benefits evaluation.