Dementiahack 2015 – TakeMeHome wins Facebook Prize

November 10, 2015

Congrats to our amazing PHIT team members Sheena Melwani and Arvind Manickavasagar, who received the top Facebook prize for building the innovative app, TakeMeHome, at DementiaHack 2015. The event is the world’s foremost dementia hackathon dedicated towards improving the lives of folks affected by dementia.

TakeMeHome is navigation application made specifically for people with dementia and their caregivers, so that they can lead a more independent life and maintain the activities of daily living that make them who they are. By adapting existing mapping technologies, it increases the person with dementia’s ability to continue to live an independent life with dignity.

This application has two sides – a version for those affected by dementia, and a version for their caregiver. The caregiver can support the person with dementia by setting features such as locations and geolocated reminders for the person with dementia. The person affected by dementia can then use their application to easily navigate with directions that are contextualized by the locations indicated by the caregiver.

The Facebook prize includes a trip to Silicon Valley to tour Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus HQs, as well as a lunch with Facebook Canada’s Managing Director, Jordan Banks.