Global Business Leaders Series

January 7, 2016

About this event

Our Lead, Dr. Joseph Cafazzo represented the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation in Zurich, Switzerland, and Stockholm, Sweden, as part of Canada Investment and Innovation Forum’s Global Business Leaders Series.

Organized to raise awareness about Canada’s business climate, the events were attended by senior executives, local and Canadian government officials, and business chambers and industry representatives, with profound interest in life sciences and information and communication technologies.

In his presentations, Dr. Cafazzo delved into emerging trends and latest market innovations in Canada’s eHealth ecosystem. There are abundant opportunities arising from the millions of dollars worth of new technologies created each year at the University Health Network, our mHealth apps that empower patient self-care, and empathy in design. In particular, niche sub-sectors, such as healthcare and hospital services through the application of human factors engineering, are ripe for R&D partnerships and investment.

The successful series reinforced Canada as a premier business destination, and fostered new relationships key to attracting and expanding foreign direct investments in Canada.