“Just because we can track it, should we?”

June 8, 2015

In the news

These days, we can track everything from blood pressure to sleep patterns, literally in our sleep. More and more Bluetooth-enabled devices are entering the market, capable of transmitting real-time health data to our smart phones or even directly to our doctors.

Yet, while many experts believe health-tracking technology can empower people to make healthier choices, and possibly reduce the country’s health care costs, there is a flipside.

Recently our Executive Director, Dr. Joe Cafazzo, was interviewed for a story in Chatelaine about the rise of health tracking technology and the potential downside, including issues related to privacy, data accuracy, and the mental effects of constant monitoring.

In the article, Dr. Cafazzo sheds light on the regulatory environment that continues to evolve around health tracking devices: “The trouble is that there are far too many apps, and too many claims of therapeutic value, for regulators to police.”

Read the full article in Chatelaine here.