Kevin J. Leonard Award Inaugural Presentation

August 28, 2014

About this event

The Centre for Global eHealth Innovation was pleased to host the first presentation of the Kevin J. Leonard Award on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 to a student from the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation working to further the cause of patients as partners in their healthcare and exemplifying the ideals and principles that Kevin imparted to his own students and colleagues over the course of his career and his personal life.

Crystal Chin, Master of Health Informatics candidate, was the worthy and deserving recipient of the inaugural Kevin J. Leonard Award. Dr. Steini Brown, Director, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto, began with a Welcome and Opening Remarks and brought congratulations and well wishes on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute. Kevin’s wife, Sandra Dalziel followed by offering her congratulations to Crystal and speaking about Kevin the man, the patient, the teacher and the researcher. As Kevin worked tirelessly to promote “patients as partners in their healthcare”, Kevin’s gastroenterologist, Dr. Stephen Wolman said a few words from the provider perspective – the other half of the ‘partner equation’. Finally, Centre Lead Dr. Joseph Cafazzo spoke of Crystal and presented her with the Kevin J. Leonard Award. Crystal concluded with words of thanks.

In addition, during the course of his Remarks, Joe Cafazzo announced and unveiled the Leonard Library which is a transformation of Kevin’s old office in the Centre. A wonderful tribute, the Library is a warm and welcoming setting with comfortable chairs and floor lamps and a selection of Kevin’s prints decorate the walls. Bookshelves are lined with Kevin’s books and papers along with personal memorabilia. The Library also houses the standing globe he had in his office – fitting to remain at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. As Kevin was a friendly and social person, he would have been very happy and proud to have a meeting and gathering spot in his name.

You can also view the program for the Inaugural Presentation of the Kevin J. Leonard Award. Click here to view program

The Centre videotaped the May 27th presentation, and the following opening remarks by Dr. Steini Brown captured the true meaning of this Award:

“Welcome everyone and thank you for being here.

I’m Steini Brown. I am Kevin’s last Chair and I was a colleague of his for more than a decade. And I was his Chair for the last couple of years and really very proud to be his Chair for that time.

I am not going to say a lot because you’re going to hear from Sandra next who I know will put a lot more to the story of Kevin.

But I just wanted to talk for a second. This is kind of a hard topic in some ways. When you miss someone, it’s always kind of a halfway effort when you try to talk about them. It’s easy to put words around what they said, and what they did. It’s harder to capture their passions, the spirit that animated them, in words. And I know other people feel that way because of how quickly this Award has been subscribed – the generosity of your gifts and, I think, most importantly the notes that came along with them, even the notes to me who’d in many ways been an interloper in this whole thing, were really quite thoughtful and profound, and I found them very touching, so I sometimes take a couple of minutes to just think about them again.

But it is worth, I think, talking for just one second about some of the words and some of the deeds.”

You can view the rest of the Inaugural Presentation of the Kevin J. Leonard Award below: