Job Description

We are looking for software developers with a passion for what they do, and a passion for making the world a better place.

The PHIT (Personal Health and Information Technology) team at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation is a group of biomedical engineers, computer scientists and hardware designers dedicated to developing technology innovations that connect patients with healthcare providers and improve their lives. As a part of the University Health Network, we are a part of one of the most important medical research centres in North America.

We have good results. In a randomized controlled trial, our applications have been shown to significantly¬†improve heart failure outcomes, in patients with Congestive Heart Failure. In another we’ve demonstrated a 10 point drop in blood pressure for hypertensive patients.

Our team is smart, ambitious and passionate, and our work is driven by the desire to improve patients lives. Being in a research environment, we are able to concentrate on this goal without being distracted by short term profit motives, or keeping investors happy.

Every member of our tightly knit development team has full input into every stage of project architecture, design and implementation. We own our projects and build apps that have real, meaningful and measurable impact on sick people’s lives.

Our current vacancies are for mobile app developers (Android or iOS) with any level of experience.

What we are looking for:

An ideal candidate would:

  • Have mobile app development experience on iPhone and/or Android
  • Have enough experience in Java or ObjC to be sick of it
  • Have professional experience with a dynamic language such as Ruby or Python or JavaScript
  • Be a UNIX weenie
  • Have open source contributions they can show us
  • Be comfortable working in a Scrum process
  • Be fanatical about testing
  • Have experience working at the hardware level
  • Have the chops to reverse engineer themselves out of trouble when necessary
  • Be happy working in a research environment where specifications can change quickly
  • Have domain knowledge in the medical field, particularly in chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart failure, or high blood pressure

Of course, we keep an open mind, and encourage you to apply if you love technical challenges, and are motivated by improving people’s¬†lives.

How to apply!

To apply for this position, please submit a CV and cover letter to If you have a GitHub account or something else you’d like to show off, send that too!