Our Latest Publications this Spring

May 31, 2016

This spring has seen an abundance of trailblazing publications from the Centre team. Together, these papers are paving the way for more exciting development in multiple areas:

Published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, a proof-of-principle study of our in-house developed self-monitoring mobile application for chronic kidney disease management showed that patients who used the app felt more confident and in-control of their conditions. The results of this study set the stage for a randomized controlled trial to come.

Our project manager, Akib Uddin, published his novel thesis work completed at the Centre, where he and members of the team created a wearable electrocardiographic (ECG) sensor system to deliver behavioral neurocardiac training (BNT), a blood pressure and stress management technique, in a home setting.

Following the launch of our <30 Days app, in collaboration with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, we were able to capture data from 69,952 users in a 5-month period. Published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth, we analyzed the data and found strong evidence that behavioural change applications have huge potential to reach older populations, a segment commonly thought to be uninterested in mobile apps.

We designed “In the Loop,” a web-based clinical collaboration system. The system uses social networking principles to allow for a patient’s team of care to communicate interactively and follow the patient across the continuum of care, with the patient as the integral member of the team. In our publication, we demonstrate the importance of grounding the system in clinical practice and patient experience.

Check out all the publications from this spring here: