Joined September 2014

Aastha Patel

Research Student

Healthcare Human Factors

Describe where you are are from. What did it look, smell, taste, sound like?

I was born and raised in India. I grew up experiencing long hot summers, playing on streets, watching fictional Indian superhero Shaktimaan and tons of Bollywood movies – I think Bollywood is in my blood!

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

As I started getting involved in various projects at the Centre, I was amazed to see how our work plays a significant role in improving healthcare and patient safety. This makes coming to work very easy for me.

What has been the biggest challenge in your work so far?

When I started working here, I had very minimum knowledge of human factors and the type of work that was done here. So for me the most challenging aspect was learning as I work. But this challenge was also the most favourite part of my work because the work aligned with my passion of improving healthcare, and also because my colleagues were very supportive in helping me learn.

Professional Bio

Aastha is a Research Student at Healthcare Human Factors. She is completing her M.Eng in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto. Aastha holds a BASc with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering from University of Toronto.

Aastha joined Healthcare Human Factors upon completing her undergraduate studies in 2014. She assists in planning and conducting usability testing on medical devices and software applications for healthcare use, and also in reporting usability test results in a form that is compliant with the FDA. She also performs systematic inspections of user interfaces based on recognized usability principles, and contributes towards patient safety initiatives by shadowing and conducting interviews.

Aastha is excited to be working with Healthcare Human Factors where her work aligns with her passion of improving healthcare.