Joined January 2012

Alison Bisson

Operations/ AV Coordinator

Tech/Ops Team

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I would say I am most passionate about fitness and health. Growing up, I was always very active and heavily involved in sports. To this day, I still find time to do what I love most, play soccer.

Where is your favourite place related to work?

My favourite place at the Centre would be the labs. When given the chance, I like to help set up and create realistic scenarios for usability testing. It’s interesting to watch how a once empty room can be transformed into so many unique scenarios.

What is your favourite part about the work culture here at the Centre?

I love the variety of work that goes on at the Centre. At any given time, there are several projects on the go but all focus around the same goal in using technology to improve patient healthcare. Everyone at the Centre is very passionate about their work and I think that says a lot about themselves as individuals. People are here because they enjoy the work they do and that greatly impacts the overall tone of the office.

Professional Bio

Alison Bisson is the Operations/AV Coordinator for the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation and an active member of the Tech/Ops team. Alison handles everything from the Centre Operations, Event planning,  Finance, Payroll, Office management, assisting research teams, and is the Human Resources liaison for the Centre.

Alison is a recent graduate from Sheridan College and holds a diploma in Fitness & Health.