Joined 2004

Brendan Purdy BN

Telehealth Program Coordinator


416.340.4800 x8201

Where is your favourite place related to work? (eg. kitchen, labs, your desk, someone else’s desk, the banting building, lecture hall, etc.)

Beside the grapefruit trees at the Southeast corner of the office, looking out onto the street.

What is your verb?

To attend – listen, look, learn.

Who inspires you? Why?

My wife and children.

Professional Bio

Brendan’s career began in England, where he graduated in both psychiatric and general nursing diploma programs. He then completed his BN (Hons) at the University Of Wales College Of Medicine. After moving to Canada, he earned certificates in both operating room and critical care nursing at Centennial College. He is enrolled in the MN program at the University of Toronto.

Brendan has had extensive clinical experience, primarily in surgical nursing. Since commencing at UHN in 1989, he has practiced in urology, cardiovascular surgery, CVICU, PACU and endoscopy.

Brendan joined UHN Telehealth in 2004. He quickly set about increasing UHN Telehealth clinical consultations. This was achieved by recruiting clinicians with large geographic practices, customizing services and providing effective client support. Further increases in activity and recruitment followed the creation of a dynamic Telehealth team. Brendan has taken these experiences and expressed them through his Telehealth research and education. This work is regularly presented at national and international Telehealth conferences. His published papers have examined the role of Telehealth in oncology and parenteral nutrition.