Joined 2004

Caterina Masino MA (Education)


Telehealth & HumanEra

416.340.4800 x8279

Describe where you are are from. What did it look, smell, taste, sound like?

Awesome playground of food, tastes, cultures, beaches, arts – all in one place and also evolving (and of course my castle in Turin).

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

The fact that one day I can have all my healthcare needs (or as many as possible) handled from my lazy boy chair – Sweet!

What is your favorite part about the work culture here at the Centre?

Brilliance in its own habitat.

Professional Bio

Caterina’s interests are in telemedicine, telemonitoring, training/program evaluation and translational research.

Her hybrid role spans both clinical operations and research teams at the Centre. As part the UHN Telehealth Program, Caterina plays a lead data/information management (IM) role for clinical telemedicine, quality indicator development, database management & reporting. As part of HumanEra, Caterina is currently leading the nursing education/training component of the larger OHTAC study on Multiple Intravenous Infusions.

Caterina recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Measurement and Evaluation from OISE/University of Toronto. Her program focus was on survey methodology and in particular the instrumentation/test construction, attitude/satisfaction rating scales, and survey response psychology.  Her interests in patient satisfaction and outcomes evaluation resulted in a thesis dissertation empirically examining Likert rating scale design strategies for dealing with low response variability and high satisfaction rates in a positive patient respondent population.