Joined January 2011

Chris Flewwelling

Human Factors Analyst

Healthcare Human Factors

416-340-4800 ext: 6433

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Travelling – I am always ready to explore the world, see new places and try new foods. I am also passionate about skiing and sailing

Where is your favourite place related to work? (eg. kitchen, labs, your desk, someone else’s desk, the banting building, lecture hall, etc.)

The microwave in the labs. Everyone forgets about it so there is never a line.

What is your verb?

To Improve

Professional Bio

Chris first joined Healthcare Human Factors in 2011 as a Master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Cafazzo. His Master’s thesis focused on identifying latent usability-related design flaws in medical devices through analysis of medical equipment maintenance data. His research demonstrated that usability-related design flaws manifest themselves as an increase in “No Fault Found” reporting. As a result, Chris’ research has provided a methodology that can be applied by healthcare institutions to reduce occurrences of medical device use error.

Chris is passionate about the expanding responsibly of the Clinical Engineer in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of healthcare. In particular, he is interested in improving patient safety through promoting and participating in the user-centered design of medical devices and technologies. Chris has contributed to projects such as the design of a mobile clinical collaboration system, and the evaluation of smart infusion pumps and mobile anesthesia delivery units