Joined January 2012

Melanie Yeung BASc MHSc


Personal Health Information Technology

416.340.4800 x8423

Where is your favourite place related to work?

My favourite place at the Centre is the area between the sink and the fridge in the kitchen where on the counter sits the cappuccino machine. Whenever I can steal a chance to be a barista, a shot of espresso gives me that extra boost for the day.

What is your favorite part about the work culture here at the Centre?

My favourite part about the culture is being around passionate people. The atmosphere my colleagues create every day at the Centre is motivating, fun, and exciting.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

Our work has direct impact to patients, physicians, care providers, and knowing that the work I do positively changes our healthcare system makes coming to work every morning easy.

Professional Bio

Melanie is passionate about user-centered design and development of safe medical technologies, systems, mHealth, and applications for the purpose of promoting better healthcare and quality of life. She first joined Healthcare Human Factors in 2007 to pursue her Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Cafazzo. Her research analyzed the barriers and opportunities of nursing documentation in hospitals, and using human factors engineering principles she created an electronic vital signs capturing system to enhance documentation at the point-of-care. She was an article contributor and Editorial Board member in the 2012 AAMI Horizons mHealth publication.

Melanie previously worked in Boston as a Clinical Engineer, where she was involved in informatics and integration of medical devices at Partners HealthCare (Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital). Returning as a Human Factors Specialist, she is excited to work on designing innovative health information systems to enable clinicians and to empower patients to live healthier, happier lives.

Melanie holds an MHSc in Clinical Engineering and a BASc in Engineering Science (Biomedical Option) from the University of Toronto.