Joined November 2015

Mike Lovas

Human Factors Engineer & Design Lead

Healthcare Human Factors

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

Impact is king. I’ve worked in many fields but making a dent in the world is always at the forefront for me. I like viewing big-impact problems through the creative lens of design thinking and supported with the rigor of engineering fundamentals.

What is your favorite part about the work culture here at the Centre?

The people at Healthcare Human Factors are amazing. We have a group of smart, empathetic, patient-focused engineers and designers working on important problems. It’s a combo that’s hard to beat.

Where are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work I can be found teaching my 5 month old baby to walk and playing obscure sports like Ultimate and Squash.

Professional Bio

Mike completed an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Dalhousie University. Following graduation, Mike has worked in a variety of healthcare disciplines, from orthopaedic surgery to psychiatric research. Mike has also fostered a creative approach to problem solving and completed a degree in Industrial Design at OCAD University. Throughout his career, Mike has worked on numerous health-related products ranging from concussion diagnostic EEG, to orthopaedic surgical tools, to wearable fitness technology. At Healthcare Human Factors, Mike is helping drive more patient-centered design approach to problem-solving in healthcare.