Joined September 2010

Stefano Gelmi BASc

Human Factors Specialist

Healthcare Human Factors & Tech/Ops Team

416 340 4800 x7195

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

I get bored while sleeping. There’s so much to do in a day and the impact of our work is direct and meaningful. Besides, I suffer from a chronic condition that prevents me from saying “No”.

Where is your favourite place related to work?

Hands down the labs! They very seldom look the same for a long period of time. More than labs it’s almost like a theatre stage, they can be transformed into any environment we need.

What is your verb?

To tinker – because the insides of things are beautiful, let’s take everything apart.

Professional Bio

Stefano Gelmi is passionate about using human factors methods to find efficient solutions to complex problems and excels at effectively using technology to improve processes. His recent projects include the evaluation of different medical devices, including a mobile anesthesia delivery unit and smart infusion pumps.

Stefano provides the technical expertise behind the simulation labs at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. Using his experience in theatre production, he coordinates the set up of complex simulation environments and uses his background in staging to create realistic scenarios for usability testing.

Stefano is also a part of Centre Operational Team where he assists in the setup of the simulation labs and is responsible for the upkeep of lab inventory and technology.

Stefano studied at the University of Toronto and holds a BASc in Industrial Engineering specializing in Human Factors.