Wearable technologies – expensive toys or the future of health?

May 22, 2015

In the news

By 2018, the market for fitness-related wearable technologies will hit $5.1 billion; but do they actually encourage healthy habits? In this article, Healthy Debate interviews a range of health experts, including our Centre Lead, Dr. Joseph Cafazzo, to explore the topic.

While wearable devices do have great potential to motivate users to engage in healthy activities or to monitor their health, the majority of users are people who are already physically active. Devices that can be tailored to create “realistic goals” according to the needs of its users may be more impactful in improving the user’s health.

In particular, Dr. Cafazzo advocates for the use of wearables as medical devices to be used in health care, where technologies can be regulated and meet standards. Not only can wearables help diagnose, monitor, or treat conditions, commercial activity monitors can also complement existing health delivery through providing support and tracking.

With an expanding number of studies in the industry, there are growing opportunities for medical wearable technologies in the health system.