What we do sets us apart.

The Centre is one of the few research institutes devoted to eHealth in the world.
Our combination of research, expertise and approaches gives us a unique perspective from which we develop world class health technologies.


Work across the Centre spans the full spectrum of healthcare, from hospitals to homes, from complex care to self-care, even global health equity issues. We dive deep into questions raised by work. See for yourself. 


The Centre strives to provide quality evidence to the broader research and scientific community by publishing our research findings in peer-reviewed journals and reports. 


Our strength lies in our ability to not only develop new technologies, but also in critiquing existing technologies to improve patient health outcomes and experiences.


We have evidence-based research methods that allow us to conduct clinical trials of the eHealth products that we develop to determine safety, efficacy, and effectiveness in the real-world.


Our in-house industrial, graphic, and user interface designers give us unique control over the visual outcomes and physical interactions of all of our products.


The Centre is affiliated with the University of Toronto with several staff holding adjunct or associate professor positions. This relationship lets the Centre take on undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate student positions from different universities.


Our usability labs, in combination with our human factors expertise, give us a 360° view of how users interact with both hardware and software alike.


We provide consultative services to organizations that are interested in improving the safety or usability of their products based on user feedback and simulation testing.