• Ned – A Survivorship Mobile Platform for Prostate Cancer

    Your buddy in supporting you and your healthcare provider to manage your prostate cancer In Partnership with Trillium Health Partners and Janssen Inc. Despite strong support from family and healthcare providers, prostate cancer survivors face isolation and anxiety throughout their survivorship phase. Mobile health tools may empower patients for more effective self-management. Ned (No Evidence of […]

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  • SOMNI – Sleep App for Teens

    Improving self-management of positive sleep behaviours for teens In Partnership with Stremler Research We are a sleep-deprived society and this is particularly true amongst adolescents who struggle to sleep the recommended nine hours of sleep per night. In addition to biological changes that influence teens to stay up late and sleep in, social factors such […]

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  • Mitigating Risks Associated with Multiple IV Infusions

    February 2010 - Present

    Summary Multiple sequential and concurrent intravenous (IV) infusions are common in most hospitals to infuse numerous fluids and/or drugs into a patient. These infusions are often delivered with large volume pumps through a combination of primary and secondary “piggyback” infusions on multiple pumps and channels. Clinical experts and the HumanEra’s own experience, both clinically and […]

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  • Health eConcierge


    Summary This project aims to design, develop and test a web-based toolkit that will enhance the capacity of Canadians living with chronic diseases and their caregivers, to find services and resources that could meet their needs. Abstract People living with chronic diseases and their caregivers often feel lost and confused when attempting to navigate our […]

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