Baxa InFuse T10

February 2011 - Present


Traditional vendor-based training for new medical devices can be expensive, chaotic, and may not reach all future-users. Consequently, three different approaches to training were compared in order to teach nurses how to use a simple mechanical infusion pump. After receiving training either via an interactive computer-based tool, a video-based module or one-on-one person-to-person training, each participant completed a number of clinical tasks with the mechanical infusion pump in our usability labs at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. These simulated scenarios allowed the HumanEra team to observe how each training method either did, or did not support users when interacting with the device during simulated clinical scenarios. Data analysis is currently underway with results expected Fall 2012.

This study is currently in progress.

Funding Agency

Massachusetts General Hospital


Massachusetts General Hospital


University Health Network

Project Team

Kathy Chan (student)

Christopher Colvin

Tony Easty

Melissa Griffin


Stacey Howchin (intern)

Justin Michael (student)

Emily Rose (student)

Patricia Trbovich (lead)

For more information about this project, contact:

Melissa Griffin