Beat – Wearable Sensor System to Improve Stress Recovery

Personal Health Information Technology

A wearable sensor system to help improve stress recovery

The Beat sensor system improves stress recovery through the use of a paced breathing technique. It guides users through a series of exercises to train the breathing technique and guide stress recovery. The electrocardiogram (ECG) collected by the wearable sensor is used as part of biofeedback. This highlights to the user how the breathing technique is changing their hearts’ rhythm and how this can lead to better stress recovery.


  • Real-time wearable sensor system to help improve stress recovery
  • Blackberry app that teaches a paced breathing technique to improve heart rhythms using biofeedback

What’s Next?

A second version, BeatHR, is being developed to host on-board ECG processing, track heart rate and activity. The new version will feature a smaller size and a longer battery life.