Clinical Trial Module

Consumer and Public Health Informatics and ePublishing Lab


The aim of the Clinical Trial Module is to compare the effectiveness of conventional and informatics-assisted clinical management and clinical trial participation.


We turn the rarity of retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the eyes in babies, from a disadvantage to an advantage. We work on a global scale to prototype novel tools and cooperative relationships for clinical trials. We are building a specific Internet database for all the information recorded in the ongoing care of tumors. Clinicians will be research subjects in simulated patient evaluation and treatment sessions.

We will measure:

i) the impact of conventional and electronic records on accuracy and efficiency of care and information provided to parents;

ii) the effectiveness of graphical display of treatment details for each eye; and

iii) the effectiveness of an Internet committee of experts to audit the use of focal therapy to educate and improve compliance with protocols.

A linked Clinical Trial Module will contain research protocols and will automatically notify the clinicians that a new patient is eligible. After a patient is registered in a Clinical Trial, the detailed timing of specific therapy including doses will be displayed through the child’s electronic record. These novel informatics approaches are intended to enhance patient care and clinical research in retinoblastoma. Our systems will likely be broadly applicable to other more frequent and complex cancers.

Funding Agency

Ontario Cancer Research Network


Principal Investigator

  • Gallie, B.


For more information about this project, contact:

Gunther Eysenbach