Decision-making in Breast Cancer Patients: Information sources and credibility

People, Health Equity and Innovation


Decision-making is a complex issue for women with breast cancer, as multiple treatment options exist. Women with breast cancer have a need for information necessary to support their decision-making. Key aspects that will be explored in this study include what impact information sources play in the decision-making process and whether the credibility (or trustworthiness) of the source is an issue.


Today, more breast cancer patients are involved in the medical decision-making process. This has created a need for information sources to help support decision-making. Although some research has been conducted on decision-making in breast cancer, it is not clear exactly how and when decisions are being made, what information sources are being used, and how the nature of these sources affect decision-making. The research objectives of this study are to determine in what ways women are using information (including web-based sources) to make decisions about breast cancer treatment and what role the credibility of the source plays in making their decisions.

Funding Agencies

Ontario Women’s Health Council/Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Healthcare, Technology, and Place (HCTP)

Project Sponsor

O’Grady, L.

Wathen, N.

Jadad, A.

Warr, D.

Wiljer, D.

Urowitz, S.


Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto,

Faculty of Information and Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario

Centre for Global eHealth Innovation

Princess Margaret Hospital

Project Team

Jackie Bender

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