Development of an Electronic Medication Information Transfer Tool (EMITT)

Medical Informatics


Medication discrepancies occur frequently at hospital admission and discharge. Medication reconciliation is recognized as an essential process to reduce medication discrepancies and improve prescribing practices. The University Health Network has developed an electronic tool that is integrated with the electronic patient record (EPR) and facilitates the medication reconciliation process. The tool was developed by working closely with clinicians to develop a structured, multi-disciplinary medication reconciliation strategy.


The Electronic Medication Information Transfer Tool (EMITT) is populated with patient demographics, allergies and medications from the patient chart. The tool facilitates medication reconciliation documentation as well as the cod-ing of medication discrepancies. EMITT is integrated with the electronic discharge summary and is able to generate an e- prescription upon discharge. The tool also generates a medi-cation letter, a patient medication grid and a medication wal-let card. The success of this project is attributed to the high degree of clinical leadership and involvement throughout the entire de-sign, development of the electronic tool. It is anticipated that similar eletcronic models can be easily adopted at other healthcare institutions.