Evaluation of Mobile Technologies

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Exploring the evaluation of mobile technologies in palliative care: Are existing evaluation frameworks still appropriate?

This study will determine if existing evaluation frameworks are appropriate for use in the evaluation of mobile technologies in acute and community based palliative care. Physicians and IT professionals will be interviewed for their evaluation needs. These responses will be compared with evaluation frameworks found in the biomedical literature. The appropriateness of using existing frameworks will be determined.


In only a few short years, mobile technologies like smart phones or computers connected via wireless network technology have become viable options for palliative care physicians to access health information while in the hospital, the office, or in a patient’s home. At the same time, the health system is trying to integrate services across the continuum of care – from hospitals out into the community. In this complex and changing environment, physicians and IT professionals are challenged to determine which tools work best and are the most effective. This project will help determine if our existing ways of evaluation can still be used, or if new methods are needed to test and evaluate the use of mobile technologies in the different palliative care settings.

Funding Agency

Rose Family Chair in Supportive Care

Project Sponsors

Jadad, A.

Oh, H.


Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care

Palliative Care Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital

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Hans Oh, PhD candidate