Human Factors Analysis of the Juravinski Chemotherapy Daycare Centre: An Observational Study



Members of the team were invited to conduct a study to provide recommendations on how the preparation and delivery of chemotherapeutic medications could be improved for enhanced patient and staff safety. HumanEra had collaborated with the Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre (JCC) on previous occasions and has studied several other outpatient chemotherapy centres across Canada, and as such, was well-placed to conduct this study.

Shadowing sessions were conducted with front line pharmacy, nursing and clerical staff in the pharmacy, nursing and reception areas of the CDC, respectively. Interviews with management and key stakeholders were also held.

Issues that could impact staff or patient safety, efficiency, or patient/staff satisfaction were identified and classified into themes. Risk ratings were assigned based on researchers’ perceptions of probability, severity and frequency of occurrence. Recommendations to mitigate issues were then developed and classified in terms of their impact and potential to resolve the issues.

Funding Agency

Juravinsky Cancer Centre

Project Sponsor

Tony Easty


Project Team

Rachel White
Melissa Griffin

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Rachel White