Ned – A Survivorship Mobile Platform for Prostate Cancer

Personal Health Information Technology

Your buddy in supporting you and your healthcare provider to manage your prostate cancer

In Partnership with Trillium Health Partners and Janssen Inc.

Despite strong support from family and healthcare providers, prostate cancer survivors face isolation and anxiety throughout their survivorship phase. Mobile health tools may empower patients for more effective self-management. Ned (No Evidence of Disease) supports individuals with prostate cancer and their clinicians, seamlessly enabling patients and providers to collect patient-reported outcomes, which can be analyzed to prompt behavioural or treatment changes, and inform trends in health outcomes.

What does Ned do?

The app lets individuals access prostate specific antigen (PSA) lab results, complete wellness and quality of life surveys, and allows both them and their healthcare provider to view progress. Information about prostate cancer is easily accessible, empowering individuals to learn more about their condition.

For healthcare providers, Ned sends automated notifications based on PSA results and reported symptoms. Ned is the first mobile application to source PSA results from a provincial laboratory information system.

User-Centered Design

Ned was designed with an iterative user-centered process, utilizing human factors methodology and high-fidelity prototypes to address the needs of prostate cancer patients and their healthcare providers.

What’s Next?

Now that Ned has completed user validation, Ned will be deployed through to three different hospitals for clinical validation.