Pan-Canadian data model & synoptic reporting solution

Medical Informatics


The Medical Informatics team was successful in leading a Canada Health Infoway Innovation Grant proposal to develop, implement and evaluate a pan-Canadian data model & synoptic reporting solution to encourage and facilitate adoption of endoscopy clinical documentation systems for colon and cervical cancer screening based on pan-Canadian and international standards. These malignancies affect many Canadians each year. Despite ample evidence that screening saves lives, limited data exists to monitor, compare and improve these programs nationally. Work on this project is underway in collaboration with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, Edmonton and Calgary Health Regions, North York General Hospital, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG), Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada (GOC) and the Society of Canadian Colposcopists (SCC). The groundbreaking project will serve as a template for broad collaboration between clinicians, researchers and HIT experts to advance next generation approaches to point of care clinicalsystems.