Pan-Canadian Home Care Study

October 2010 - Present


Although many of the same risks and adverse events exist both in acute care and home care settings, little data is available to describe patient safety issues among home care clients. This pan-Canadian study funded by CPSI brings together a team of clinicians, researchers and policy and decision makers to conduct a total of 5 inter-related sub-projects focusing on safety at home. These sub-projects address questions ranging from the nature, prevalance, magnitude and incidence of adverse events in home care in Canada, to the root causes contributing to these adverse events, to the safety challenges, concerns and relevant socio-ecological factors that contribute to safety at home.

The HumanEra team is providing human factors guidance by participating on the expert panel for the root cause analysis of home care adverse events, and by conducting a human factors analysis on photographic data for the qualitative analysis of social, emotional, functional, physical and contextual factors that influence safety at home.

This study is currently in progress.

Funding Agency

Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI)


University of Toronto

Université de Montréal

Nova Scotia Department of Health

Canadian Home Economics Association

Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

University Health Network

Alberta Health Services

Women’s College Hospital

Queen’s University

University of Waterloo

Saint Elizabeth Health Care

VON Canada

Dalhousie University

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Horizon Health Network

University of Calgary

University of Alberta

Health System & Services Consulting (HSSC)

Vancouver Island Health Authority

University of Victoria

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Project Team

Andrea Cassano-Piché

Tony Easty

Melissa Griffin

Sonia Pinkney


Dr. Ross Baker

Dr. Ariella Lang

For more information about this project, contact:

Melissa Griffin