Telehealth Technology Applications


Our technology supports the capture, transmission, and receipt of real-time video encounters to enable clinical consultations or educational events.


Telehealth is enabled through a variety of videoconferencing solutions: full size television-style units in studios; mobile cart systems moved throughout UHN; and desktop systems.


UHN is a member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world. OTN is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Province of Ontario. By utilizing the Ontario Telemedicine Network UHN Telehealth is able to connect with over 400 videoconferencing enabled communities throughout the province.


UHN Telehealth can facilitate the recording and webcasting of events through the Ontario Telemedicine Network connecting patients and clinicians across the province to UHN’s educational activities.


UHN Technicians use “Click to Call” technology from their smartphones to initiate clinical events. This allows the UHN Telehealth program to facilitate multiple videoconferences simultaneously across UHN.

Mobile systems in clinical areas have been outfitted with media players to display a slideshow to remote users when a videoconference is first connected, rather than connecting directly to a live camera. This creates a Privacy Slide Show, a unique solution to our privacy issues. It also creates a forum for UHN Telehealth to quickly and immediately display messages about connectivity and contact information to our remote sites.

Clinical consultations can now utilize the 3M Littman Model 3200 Stethoscope which allows UHN clinicians to hear patient heart and lung sounds during Telehealth consultations. The stethoscope utilizes Bluetooth technology with a web interface and connects with a similar model anywhere in the world. This technology has received great reviews from UHN nurses and doctors.