Think – Enable Mental Health Research from within the Home

Personal Health Information Technology

A platform to enable mental health research from within the home

The Think project team is evaluating a mobile electroencephalography (EEG) platform, which captures brain recordings through direct placement on the head, by comparing the performance and comfort of two types of electrodes.

Gel vs Dry Electrodes

In clinics, the standard feature is the gel electrode, which requires the application of gel onto the user’s head. Emerging on the market is an alternative – dry electrodes – which can be used without any application of gel, but causes more pressure onto the head.

With the results of the evaluation, the team looks to inform wider discussion on expanding the use of EEG platforms to settings outside the clinic and augment the availability of data that can be used for mental health research. These recordings can help inform on patient responses to treatments, identify biomarkers for severity of mental disorders, and search for additional indicators.

What’s Next?

The team looks to develop a usable, streamlined, EEG prototype for use at home, where brain recordings can be transmitted directly to providers.