To Your Good Health

People, Health Equity and Innovation


This project, based at the Royal Ontario Agricultural Winter Fair (ROAWF), includes an interactive exhibit designed to educate and entertain the whole family about making the best food choices, understanding the research behind the production of the food supply, and empowering them to navigate their own path to good health throughout life.


The Royal Ontario Agricultural Winter Fair is the largest indoor event in the world that brings together all of the sectors that contribute to human nutrition, from growers to distributors of food products. It receives over 300,000 visitors during a 10-day period, including more than 30,000 school children and adolescents.

This project includes the creation of an interactive environment within the fair grounds where the public can learn about innovations in agriculture and food production and the Canada Health Guide, interacting with leading organizations from the health, education, agricultural and transportation sectors; friendly professionals and scientists, and members of the community who are making a big difference in society through their creativity and commitment for a better world.

By engaging the public through face-to-face and electronic means, A Journey to Your good Health allows the collection of large amounts of data about food, agriculture and health, and the development of new initiatives that could promote human health and wellness.

Funding Agency

Royal Ontario Agricultural Winter Fair and Rural Economic Development Program

Project Sponsor

Jadad, A.



School of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto

Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network

Project Team

Charlotte Lombardo (PHS, UofT)

Laura Heller

Ann Murray

Andrea Briceno

For more information about this project, contact:

Laura Heller