Toronto Central CCAC: Improving Community Care Access

Healthcare Human Factors


Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) helps people find their way through Ontario’s health care system by helping them understand their options and connecting them to quality community-based health care and resources.

The Toronto Central CCAC uses web applications to empower and equip their employees such that they have the necessary tools to provide care to their clients at the right time and place. Since 2008, human factors experts have acted as an advocate for the end-users of the system ensuring that proposed IT initiatives would be intuitive and easy-to-use, thereby improving user adoption.

Various human factors methods were used to improve the user experience including end-user shadowing to understand complex user workflows, usability testing to validate proposed design changes and focus groups to elicit end user feedback.


Incorporating human factors methods has contributed to reduced training and implementation costs of CCAC IT initiatives, as well as a marked improvement in staff satisfaction.