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This project explores new modalities of partnership among the private sector, academia and the community, to promote self-management by people living with chronic diseases. Wellocities is a living laboratory, a for-profit organization and a virtual community designed to support people with diabetes (and in the future other chronic conditions) in their efforts to search for people, places and information; to store their clinical information; and to share it with others with similar profiles and challenges, in Canada.


The Canadian Diabetes Association reports that two million Canadians are living with diabetes today and another million will be diagnosed with it in the next ten years. Diabetes and other chronic conditions are overwhelming the national healthcare system, which is not set up to deal with life-long conditions for which no cure exists. A group of patients, caregivers, health professionals, scientists and business leaders has created Wellocities, an online presence that makes it easier for Canadians to manage their disease.

Wellocities brings to people affected by diabetes:

  • The most trusted health information sources available on the web;
  • Canada‚Äôs first and only nationwide health directory with traditional and non-traditional health services as well as private and public providers; and
  • State-of-the-art collaborative tools that allow people to monitor their own conditions, rate services and share first hand accounts of their health experiences with others.

In fact, Wellocities can also be accessed conveniently through other social networking sites such as Facebook, the top Web destination for Canadians today.

Funding Agency

XDL Capital

Project Sponsor

Jadad, A.



XDL Capital

Diabetes Hope Foundation

Over 200 people living with diabetes who act as guides and champions in the process of improving the resource

Project Team

Bert Amato – Chief Technical Officer and Director

Dennis Bennie – Director and Interim CEO

Amol Deshpande – Chief Medical Officer

Jonah Sigel – Interim President

Margaret Vaillancourt – VP, Product Development

Barbara Pasternak – Diabetes Hope Foundation

For more information about this project, contact:

Amol Deshpande

Chief Medical Officer