We are excited to announce that the eHI team will be at HL7® FHIR® Developer Days 2017!

Whether you are a developer, architect or product manager, Dev Days is a great chance to come together and test and develop your implementation, side by side with others who have a keen interest in FHIR.

HL7® FHIR® Developer Days 2017 provides the chance to learn about FHIR in a collaborative environment. Through hackathons, tutorials and keynotes, you will get the opportunity to not only gain insight into FHIR, but also get guidance from world-renowned experts in their area.


This year we have several members of our team speaking:

James Agnew
will present on FHIR development for Java developers, demonstrating the basics of building FHIR clients and servers, as well as highlighting advanced features.


Melanie Yeung will lead Continua Interoperability track, focusing on how the Continua framework can be used for bringing data from medical devices to services and systems used by patients and caregivers in a meaningful way.


Ryan Baldwin will present on FireKit library, which is an open source iOS framework for persisting FHIR objects in Realm (and also on the great responsibility that comes with maintaining a beard of such fine form.)




Join James, Melanie, Ryan and many others at FHIR DevDays in Amsterdam from 15-17 November, 2016. To register, click here. To learn more about the event, speakers and schedule, check out http://www.fhirdevdays.com.

Have any other questions or want to know more about our standards work? Email us at info@ehealthinnovation.org or check out our standards website here