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The Centre strives to contribute to the broader research and scientific community by publishing our findings in peer-reviewed journals and reports.


What would it take to die well? A systematic review of systematic reviews on the conditions for a good death

Zaman M, Espinal-Arango S, Mohapatra A, Jada A
The Lancet Healthy Longevity, 2 (9); e593-e600
Click here to listen to Professor Alex Jada’s podcast episode on the conditions for a good death. 

What do you mean engagement?-Evaluating the Use of Community Engagement in the Design and Implementation of Chronic Disease-based Interventions for Indigenous Populations

Wali S, Superina S, Mashford-Pringle A, Ross H, Cafazzo JA
Canadian Urological Association Journal, 20(1): 1-20

The Need for Ethnoracial Equity in Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes Management: Review and Recommendations

Pham Q, Gamble A, Hearn J, Cafazzo JA
JMIR, 23 (2): e22320

The iCanCope Pain Self-management Application for Adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Lalloo C, Harris LR, Hundert AS, Berard R, Cafazzo J, Connelly M, Feldman BM, Houghton K, Huber A, Laxer RM, Luca N, Schmeling H, Spiegel L, Tucker LB, Pham Q, Davies-Chalmers CC, Stinson JN
60(1): 196-206

The Development and Evaluation of a Self-management Web App for Women with Cardiac Pain

Parry M, Bjørnnes AK, Clarke H, Cafazzo J, Cooper L, Dhukai A, Harvey P, Katz J, Lalloo C, Leegaard M, Légaré F, McFetridge-Durdle J, McGillion M, Norris C, Patterson R, Pilote L, Pink L, Price C, Stinson J, Victor JC, Watt-Watson J, Auld C, Faubert C, Park D, Park M, Spiteri DeBonis V 
Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 37(2): e19

Creating Patient-Centered Radiology Reports to Empower Patients Undergoing Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Perlis N, Finelli A, Lovas M, Berlin A, Papadakos J, Ghai S, Bakas V, Alibhai S, Lee O, Badzynski A, Wiljer d, Lund A, Di meo A, Cafazzo J, Haider Masoom
Canadian Urological Association Journal, 15 (4)


Creating Patient-centered Radiology Reports to Empower Patients Undergoing Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Perlis N, Finelli A, Lovas M, Berlin A, Papadakos J, Ghai S, Bakas V, Alibhai S, Lee O, Badzynski A, Wiljer D, Lund A, De Meo A, Cafazzo J, Haider M
Canadian Urological Association Journal, 15(4)

Prospective Registration and Reporting of Trial Number in Randomized Clinical Trials: Global Cross Sectional Study of the Adoption of ICMJE and Declaration of Helsinki Recommendations

Al-Durra M, Nolan RP, Seto E, Cafazzo JA
British Medical Journal Publishing Group, 369

Evaluation of Digital Technologies Tailored to Support Young People’s Self-Management of Musculoskeletal Pain: Mixed Methods Study

Slater H, Stinson JN, Jordan JE, Chua J, Low B, Lalloo C, Pham Q, Cafazzo JA
JMIR, 22(6): 318315

A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the iCanCope Pain Self-management Application for Adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Lalloo C, Harris L, Hundert A, Berard R, Cafazzo J, Connelly M, Feldman B, Houghton K, Huber A, Laxer R, Luca N, Schmeling H, Spiegel L, Tucker L, Pham Q, Davies-Chalmers C, Stinson J
Arthritis & Rheumatology, 73: 173-174

A ResearchKit App to Delivery Paediatric Electronic Consent: Protocol of an Observational Study in Adolescents with Arthritis

Lalloo C, Pham Q, Cafazzo J, Stephenson E, Stinson J
Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, pages 100525.

A Mobile Phone–Based Telemonitoring Program for Heart Failure Patients After an Incidence of Acute Decompensation (Medly-AID): Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Seto E, Ross H, Tibbles E, Wong S, Ware P, Etchells E, Kobulnik J, Chibber T, Poon S
JMIR Res Protoc 9(1), e15753

Virtual Care Models for Cancer Survivorship

Pham Q, Hearn J, Gao B, Brown I, Hamilton RJ, Berlin A, Cafazzo JA, Feifer A
Digital Medicine, 3(1): 1-7

Lived Experiences and Technological Literacy of Heart Failure Patients and Clinicians at a Cardiac Care Centre in Uganda

Hearn J, Pham Q, Schwartz JI, Ssinabulya I, Akiteng AR, Ross HJ, Cafazzo JA
Annals of global health, 86 (1)

The Challenges of COVID-19 for People Living with Diabetes: Consideratiosn for Digital Health

Gamble A, Pham Q, Goyal S, Cafazzo JA
JMIR Diabetes, 5(2): e19581

Development and Usability Testing of HeartPa♀N: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Strategy to Develop an Integrated Smartphone and Web-based Intervention for Women with Cardiac Pain

Parry M, (et al, including Cafazzo JA)
BMJ Open, 10 (3): e033092


The Service of Research Analytics to Optimize Digital Health Evidence Generation: Multilevel Case Study

Pham Q, Shaw J, Morita PP, Seto E, Stinson JN, Cafazzo JA
JMIR 21 (11), e14849

Capturing Daily Disease Experiences of Adolescents With Chronic Pain: mHealth-Mediated Symptom Tracking

Lalloo C, Hundert A, Harris L, Pham Q, Campbell F, Chroney J, Simmonds M, Cafazzo J, Stinson J
JMIR mHealth and uHealth 7 (1), e11838

A Patient-Centered Mobile Health System That Supports Asthma Self-Management (breathe): Design, Development, and Utilization

Morita PP, Yeung M, Ferrone M, Taite A, Madeley C, Lavigne A, To T, Lougheed M, Gupta S, Day A, Cafazzo JA, Licskai C
JMIR mHealth and uHealth 7 (1), e10956

A Library of Analytic Indicators to Evaluate Effective Engagement with Consumer mHealth Apps for Chronic Conditions: Scoping Review

Pham Q, Graham G, Carrion C, Morita P, Seto E, Stinson, JN, Cafazzo JA
JMIR m Health and uHealth 7 (1), e11941

Patient Adherence to a Mobile Phone–Based Heart Failure Telemonitoring Program: A Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study

Ware P, Dorai M, Ross HJ, Cafazzo JA, Laporte A, Boodoo C, Seto E
JMIR m Health and uHealth 7 (2), e13259


Perceptions of Adolescents With Cancer Related to a Pain Management App and Its Evaluation: Qualitative Study Nested Within a Multicenter Pilot Feasibility Study

Jibb LA, Stevens BJ, Nathan PC, Seto E, Cafazzo JA, Johnston DL, Hum V, Stinson JN
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2018;6(4)

Turning challenges into design principles: Telemonitoring systems for patients with multiple chronic conditions

Sultan M, Kuluski K, McIsaac WJ, Cafazzo JA, Seto E
Health Informatics Journal, Jan 2018

Accounting for Complexity in Home Telemonitoring: A Need for Context-Centred Evidence

Ware P, Seto E, Ross HJ
Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2018;34(7) 897-904


A Mobile App for the Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes Among Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Goyal S, Nunn CA, Rotondi M, Couperthwaite AB, Reiser S, Simone A, Katzman DK, Cafazzo JA, Palmert MR
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2017;5(6):e82

Design, development and feasibility testing of an mhealth application for sleep-restricted adolescents

Stremler R, Vaidyanathan P, Cafazzo J, Goyal S, Katzman K, Keilty K, Maser C, Pullenayegum E
Sleep Medicine 2017;40:e315-e316

Development of a mHealth Real-Time Pain Self-Management App for Adolescents with Cancer: An Iterative Usability Testing Study

Jibb L, Cafazzo J, Nathan P, Seto E, Stevens B, Nguyen C, Stinson J
Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing. April 2017. Page 104345421769702

Assessing the Use of Wrist-Worn Devices in Patients with Heart Failure: Feasibility Study

Moayedi Y, Abdulmajeed R, Duero Posada J, Foroutan F, Alba AC, Cafazzo J, Ross HJ
JMIR Cardio. 2017;1(2):e8


The Systemic Design of a Behavioural Mobile Health Application for the Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Goyal S, Morita PP, Lewis G, Yu C, Seto E, Cafazzo JA.
Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 2016 Feb;40(10)

Uptake of a Consumer-focused mHealth Application for the Assessment and Prevention of Heart Disease: The <30 Days Study

Goyal S, Morita PP, Picton P, Seto E, Zbib A, Cafazzo JA. JMIR mHealth uHealth. 2016;4(1):e32

Development of a Wearable Cardiac Monitoring System for Behavioural Neurocardiac Training: A Usability Study

Uddin AA, Morita PP, Tallevi K, Armour K, Li J, Nolan RP, Cafazzo JA.
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2016 Apr 22;4(2):e45

Beyond the randomized controlled trial: A review of alternatives in mHealth clinical trial methods

Pham, Q, Wilijer, D, Cafazzo JA.
JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 2016, Aug 4(3), e107.



In the Loop: The Organization of Team-based Communication in a Patient-centered Clinical Collaboration System

Kurahashi AM, Weinstein PB, Jamieson T, Stinson JN, Cafazzo JA, Lokuge B, Morita PP, Cohen E, Rapoport A, Bezjak A, Husain A.
JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(1):e12

Engaging Patients in Online Self-Care Technologies for Chronic Disease Management

Picton P, Wiljer D, Urowitz S, Cafazzo JA.
Healthcare Quarterly, 18(4) January 2016: 55-61

Integrating a Smartphone-based Self-Management System into Usual Care of Advanced CKD

Ong SW, Jassal SV, Miller JA, Porter EC, Cafazzo JA, Seto E, Thorpe KE, Logan AG.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2016 Jun 6;11(6):1054-62


The Use of Behavior Change Theory in Internet-Based Asthma Self-Management Interventions: A Systematic Review

Al-Durra M, Torio M-B, Cafazzo JA.
Journal of Medical Internet Research.  2015 Apr;17(4):e89



Design of an mHealth App for the Self-management of Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Study

Cafazzo JA, Casselman M, Hamming N, Katzman DK, Palmert MR. 
Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2012;14(3):e70. doi:10.2196/jmir.2058.

Advancement of the Artificial Pancreas through the Development of Interoperability Standards

Picton P, Yeung MS, Hamming N, Desborough L, Dassau E, Cafazzo JA
Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2013 Jul;7(4)

2012 and Earlier

Attitudes of Heart Failure Patients and Healthcare Providers towards Mobile Phone-Based Remote Monitoring

Seto E, Leonard KJ, Masino C, Cafazzo JA, Barnsley J, Ross HJ
J Med Internet Res 2010;12(4):e55

mHealth Consumer Apps: The Case for User-Centered Design

McCurdie T, Taneva S, Casselman M, Yeung M, McDaniel C, Ho W, and Cafazzo JA.
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Horizons.  Fall 2012.

Effect of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring with Self-care Support on Uncontrolled Systolic Hypertension in Diabetics

Logan AG, Irvine MJ, McIsaac WJ, Tisler A, Rossos PG, Easty A, Feig DS, Cafazzo JA
Hypertension. 2012 Jul;60(1):51-7.

Patient-Perceived Barriers to the Adoption of Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis

Cafazzo, JA, Leonard, K, Easty, AC, Rossos, PG, Chan, CTCafazzo, JA, Leonard, K, Easty, AC, Rossos, PG, Chan, CT
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2009;4(4):784-789.

Perceptions and Experiences of Heart Failure Patients and Clinicians on the Use of Mobile Phone-Based Telemonitoring

Seto E, Leonard KJ, Cafazzo JA, Barnsley J, Masino C, Ross HJ
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(1):e25.

Mobile Phone-Based Telemonitoring for Heart Failure Management:  A Randomized Controlled Trial

Seto E, Leonard KJ, Cafazzo JA, Barnsley J, Masino C, Ross HJ
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(1):e31

Self-care and Quality of Life of Heart Failure Patients at a Multidisciplinary Heart Function Clinic

Seto E, Leonard KJ, Cafazzo, JA, Masino C., Barnsley J, Ross HJ
The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2011;26(5):377-385.

UK and Canadian perspectives of the effectiveness of mobile diabetes management systems

Seto E, Istepanian RS, Cafazzo JA, Logan A, Sungoor A
Conference proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. 2009;6584-6587